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Frank DiGiovanni Photography 

 I found it in an underground club in Chinatown. My 26th birthday, I hit the stage with Etta James' "I'd rather go blind" and it felt devine. ​Johnny was right - He said "Don't worry Dani when you're 26, you'll know." After that night I spent the next few years writing for other people, mostly rap artists. I've recorded hooks in storage units in Brooklyn on dented mics till 4am and sang in the same booths that Biggie and Mariah made hit records in. I went home and rediscovered my love for real musicians. New Brunswick was good to me and I met my musical family there. Jazz sits well with me and I am so lucky to work with incredible passionate people who push boundaries and help me be me. My Jazz Cover EP Peach includes some of my favorite standards in styles ranging from ballad to afro cuban and funk. Look out for my Original Album DeeDee I have cooking. 

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